Iroko Interiors & Design Limited is an award-winning firm that provides premium and bespoke interior design and architectural services to clients.
We at Iroko are proud of our ability to handle a range of projects, from residential to offices, churches, schools, and transport hubs. We have a diverse portfolio of clients and projects in Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, the United Kingdom, and the Americas.
Our philosophy of excellence and continuous improvement enables us to innovate with improved ways to satisfy the needs of our existing and potential clients. We use only the latest technologies and skills in our processes, from concept, to design, to project execution.
We at Iroko consistently strive to give our customers the maximum value for money. In our competitive and fast-changing sector, we are the definitive design firm.
Ayanda Carter was born and raised in Johannesburg to a South African mother and Mozambican father. A graduate of the Greenside Design School, South Africa, Ayanda has over twelve years of experience in interior design – including ten years in Nigeria.
Ayanda has a simple philosophy for satisfying the needs and desires of her clients. A designer must strive to intimately manifest the needs, desires, and feelings of their client. Then the designer must reflect this in their work in an enriching and distinctive way.
This has given Ayanda a unique voice and approach, enabling her to shine in her male-dominated industry. Ayanda is passionate about empowering women in business. She works through her platform, Melanin Creatives, to encourage and help other African women.